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 Custom Built Radio Transmitters for Wildlife Research
  White ibis with
long-range backpack
   Dunlin with 1.3 g, 
   100 day glue-on unit
   Bluebird with 1.0 g, 
  50 day glue-on unit
Gopher tortoise 
with 2-year, 10 g unit
     Hatchling gopher
 with 1.2 g, 90 day unit
Photo by Dr. David Pike
Flushing quail with
6 g, 11 month 
necklace style unit
Wood stork with VHF"piggy back" 
transmitter on satellite unit
We will be adding more pictures of 
"critters with mitters" in the future.
  Grey Partridge with 13 gram,
650 day necklace transmitter
 Male ruffed grouse with
10 g, 630 day, necklace unit
Female ruffie with well-concealed
necklace unit.  Only antenna is visible
Click on the picture to view a larger image of the animal
 Bobwhite quail with 6 g, 
11 month, necklace transmitter
 Gray rat snake with 
 implantable transmitter
    Bald eagle with 
backpack transmitter
  Diamondback terrapin
with long-life transmitter
Burrowing owl with 
backpack transmitter
Cooper's hawks with 
long-life falconry unit
   European woodcock with 6g
gauze attachment coin cell unit
Well-concealed glue-on
transmitter on woodcock
Motteled duck with 
implantable transmitter
A tough, functional 
0.4 g unit in a  fox scat
    Suture attachment 
unit on 60 day-old quail
Mountain quail with 6 g, 
250 day, necklace unit
Photo by Kevyn Groot / ODFW
Copyright 2010 American Wildlife Enterprises:  Wildlife Monitoring.  All Rights Reserved

Well concealed 3 g, 300 day
elastic, necklace transmitter
on 8 week-old quail chick