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1.  Dr. Bill Palmer or Shane Wellendorf, Tall Timbers Research Station, 850-893-4153
2. Dr. Lenny Brennan or Dr Fidel Hernandez, Caesar Kleberg Wildlife Research Institute, 
   Texas A&M, 361-593-3924

3.  Dr. Brad Dabbert or Doug Holt, TX Tech University, 806-742-1983

4.  Dr. Ken Meyer, Avian Research and Conservation Institute, 843-846-2649

5. Mike Oakley, Quaker Valley Farms, 845-855-2649

6. Danny Caudill, Utah State University, 865-712- 0976

7. Dr. Craig Guyer, Auburn University, 334-844-9232

8. Dr. Bill Giuliano, University of Florida, 352-846-0575

9. Dr John Carroll, University of Georgia, 706-542-5815

10. Dr. Rich  Seigel, Towson University, 410-704-3123

11. Dr. Gary Slater, Eco Studies Institute, WA,  305-213-8829 

12. Dave Budeau, Oregon Dept of Fish and Wildlife, 503-947-6323
Please feel free to contact any of the references listed below for information on AWE products.  If additional references are required please contact us via email or phone.
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