Welcome and thank you for taking the time to visit American Wildlife Enterprises (AWE) web site. This web site is a work in progress and we value any input that you may have on ways to improve the site and our service to you. AWE has been in the business of designing and building high quality radio transmitters for the wildlife research field for over 40 years. We are hopeful that your brief tour of our site will encourage you to contact us directly via email by clicking on the contact us link, or filling out the product inquiry form.  Better yet,  pick up the phone and call so we can talk in greater detail about your specific telemetry needs. We feel confident that our combination of high quality coupled with low prices and a customer first attitude will keep you coming back to AWE for all your biotelemetry needs.

The biologists and engineers at AWE have over 70 years of combined experience designing and custon building radio transmitters for wildlife research.  We believe that radio transmitters cannot be simply "bought off the shelf", but must be designed to minimize impacts on the study animal while providing quality field data.
All transmitters constructed at AWE contain the highest quality materials and state of the art technology.
While we believe the quality of our transmitters is second to none, we consistently have the lowest prices in the industry. In addition to quality and value, we feel certain that you will find the level of customer service at AWE to be a refreshing change to most standard business models. 
Whenever possible we will attempt to provide you with a free functional sample transmitter for your evaluation. No obligation to purchase from AWE is required to receive a sample unit. If you like the transmitter it will be added to your order, if not simply send it back to AWE. We feel certain that once you have had a chance to evaluate our transmitters you will become a  life-long customer at AWE.
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